• New admissions are made to pre-primaryclassses.Class I and other admisssions, if any ,will depend on avaliability of seats.
  • At the time of admission the parent/guardian must give the correct age of the child,producing the original birth certificate from the municipality.Catholic students must also produce a Baptism certificate.
  • The candidates will have to appear for an admisssion interaction and will be examined at the standard immediately below that to which they seek admission.
  • The selection for admission shall be made entirely on the resultss of the test and on no other cosideration .The school authorities reserve the sole right of refusing or granting admission.
  • New Students must be introduced personally by their parent/guardian who will also be interviewed and are expected to co-operate with the school authority in helping the childs' progress.
  • Pupils coming from a recognized school are required to bring a transfer certificate from the last school they attended.countersigned by the inspector of schools and the marksheet of the last annual examination.
  • Before withdrawing a student from school a month's notice is to be given or a month's fee in lieu of notice.
  • The transfer certificate will be isssued only on the recieptof application from the parents/guardians,after a week of the submission of the completely filled-in application.


The school prepares the students for the indian certificate of secondat=ry Education (I.C.S.E) examination of the Council ffor the Indian School Examniations,New Delhi.

The medium of instruction is English and importance is also given to Bengali and Hindi in the curriculum.A high standard of English is a must for the success in the exams.Therefore , only English should be spoken in the class rooms and the school premises, on the violation of which strict disciplinary action will be taken.Parents should encourage their wards to speak in english.

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