• Parents and guardians are earnestly requested to cooperate with the school authorities regarding rules ,diligence,punctuality,lessons,co-curricular activities and character formation of claretines.If the process of education is to be consistent,home and school need to be closely linked and here the parents have a very important role in the education of their children.
  • General communication to parents/guardians is made through the school diary.They are requsted to go through the school diary daily and to sign the remarks/comments made by the Principal / teachers.
  • Parents/guardians are requested not to enter the classrooms in order to see their wards or to interview teachers during class hours.Parents/guardians may meet teachers on scholatic concerns on the last friday of every month.For other presing reason they may meet the principal on any working dat between 08.30 and 09.30 A.M.
  • The parent-teacher meeting should preferably be attended by both the parents.Its main purpose is to work in unison,in the exchange of ideas,opinions etc.for the integral formation of claretines studying in this institution.
  • Any communication from the parents should be addresssed to the principal only
  • Parents are requested to surf the various records and answer scripts to the principal only.
  • Kindly,do not send an ailing child to school.Foremost,the child neeeds to be healthy to attend class.Exit from the school during class-hours is highly discouraged.
  • Parents/guardians are requested to cooperate with the school authorities:
    • By not engaging private tutors who are teacherss of the school.
    • By urging their wards to be regular and punctual in attendance and to pick them up puntually in activities conducted by the school.
    • By encouraging the pupils to participate in activities conducted by the school.
    • By seeing that their wards arre diligent at homework,class worrk and in bringing their text books and note books.
    • By occasionally seeking an interview with the principal and teacher concerned to discuss the progresss of their wards.
    • By attending parent-teacher meetings organized by the school.
  • Negative/wrong/non-constructive conduct caused by any student/parentcan lead to dismissial of the student.
  • Exemplary behaviour is expected of every Clarentine.It helps to educate others and thus a Clarentine is acknowledged,esteemed and appreciated within the school and without.
  • Any change of address or phone number needs to be communicated to the school office without delay.


  • The pupils must attend the morning assembly and participate with piety in the prayer and should not indulge in anything that may be detrimental to the serenity of the assembly.
  • The Students should attend school regularly.Taking leavee should be discouraged unless it is absolutely unavoidable.The Principal's prior permission is essential for leave of absence.A formal letter accompanied by a medical certificate is necessary in case of sickness over four days,unathorized leave of absence may result in dismissal.
  • Children afficted by infectious disease or exposed to such diseases in their homes must complete the quarantine period before joining the school.This should be indicated in the medical certificate.
  • Parents are requessteedd not to take their children on vacation before the set date, nor to extendd these vaccationss .Pupils not attending punctually after holidays are liable to have their names struck off the rolls.If they are readmitted they have to pay the admission fee again.
  • Irregular attendance ,non-punctuality,habitual idleness,disobdience,objectionable behaviour of any kind are sufffient reasons for the dismisssals from the school.
  • The principal has the right to suspend attendancce or require the withdraw of any pupil,without having to assign any reason provided that he is convinced that such a step is necessary in the interest of the school.
  • Use of unfair means and/or possession of unauthorized material in any examination will result in the annulment of a pupil's entire team results.A pupil who renders unfair assistance to another is equally culpable and will therefore share in the punishment.
  • No periodicals,pictures,newspapers,musical instruments or electronic gadgets shall be brought into the school without permission.
  • No student is permitted to carry any expensive articles or large amount of cash to school.No jewellery to be worm in the school.The school is not responsible for the loss of such valuables.Students are responsible for the safe custody of all their books and belongings at school.However , in case of any loss they should bring the matter to the notice of the Principal.
  • Students must be in their complete and correct school uniform from home to school and back on all school days, and also when the students represents the school at external functions and games.
  • Students must carrry their identity cards to school everyday.
  • The parents are reqquestedd to read the informations printed in the students diary very carefully.The home work column of each day will be signed by the class teacher.
  • Parents are requested to ensure that those who come to take the children back home are there at the hour of dismissial.The school authorities are not responsible for the pupil who are not fetched at the time of dismissial.Parents are requested to note ,should the authorized person is not available to escort the child from the school after the school hours,such parents should send a letter of authority with the person is deputed.
  • Students are not allowed to give personal gifts to the members of staff.However,the children may distribute sweets on their birthdays.
  • Change of address must be immediately notified to the school through the teacher.
  • All damage to school property must be repaired at the cost of the persons responsible for the damage.
  • The pupils are expected to behave in a gentle and polite manner on all occasions.They should adddress all members of the staff with due respect and politeness.
  • The school diary should be brought to the school every day and produced for inspection whenever required.
  • It may be noted that no teacher of the school will undertake any tution without the permission of the principal


  • Respect every teacher.Be grateful towards those who taught you in the past. Show your teachers those exterior signs of reverence to which they are entitled, such as greeting them whenever you meet them.
  • Be convinced that your teachers greatly feel the serious obligation of promoting your welfare in the best wat they possibly can; and that is advising you and correcting you.They have nothing else in view other than your own good.
  • After piety,study is the most praiseworthy aspect of a student.Therefore, your first occupation must consist in doing the task assigned to you by your school.
  • Always rise when your teacher enters the class and again when she/he leaves.If he/she is delayed in coming ,do not make any noise,but wait for her/him in your place in silence,reviewing your lesson.
  • During class avoid whispering or interrupting.


  • HOUSE MINISTERS - House Ministers called Houstains are chosen in the first meeting of the academic year.
  • DIVISION - membership of any of the four Houses,namely Mattew,Mark, Luke and John,is a random act of conferring.Every Claretine must belong to one of the Houses and his/her House-colour PT T-shirt also be bought.Responsibilities are carried out by Students of classes V and above.
  • FUNCTION - Houses function under the spearheading of their chosen Housetains and Ministers for functions like - Discipline, Health,Sports,Communication,Agriculture,etc.They assemble for their House Meet every month.
  • RESPONSIBILITIES - Tending Assemble ,Wall-magazine,Newz Bitz,Uniformity Checking, participation in various competitions,etc.


There are four houses named after the four Evangelists or Gospel writers,namely,Mattew,Mark,Luke and John.They have Red,Green,Yellow and Blue as their respective colours.Every clarentine will belong to either of the Houses.The Teacher-Animators will animate their respective houses with the help of Housetains.Each house will meet monthly to plan and carry out responsibilties like: organising assembly,contesting in quiz,sport , art, cultural,academic and literacy competitions,contribute to wall-magazine etc.Each House's general performance will fetch them trophy and 'House of the year' title.


According to student's field interest they are divided into clubs:
Greeners(Ecology),Explorers (Science),Scouts, Writers (English),Arts, Dance, Musers(Music and Singing). With the guidance of their Teacher-Animators they ornate assemblies on designated days and organize relevent competitions.


Socially Useful Productive Works and Community Service Classess are a must for the students.This helps to sort out and develop life-skills and forests social responsibilities. Thus,to grow as responsible citizens,the school provides time for this weekly.

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